Online textbooks will be generated by each School Board, or by cooperating groups of School Boards, and placed on the Internet.

  • This will save the cost of purchasing hardcopy textbooks and the constant need to constantly repurchase more textbooks and new revisions of textbooks.
  • This will save our forests, and will save the environment from the pollution caused by printing and transporting textbooks.
  • This will eliminate or minimize the time wasted by school personnel in handling, repairing, inventorying, handing out or collecting textbooks.
  • Hardcopy textbooks would be available to teachers, students and parents if requested or necessary, by simply printing out the online textbooks.
  • All students who do not already have a laptop, or who cannot afford a laptop, will be issued a basic WiFi-enabled laptop instead of course textbooks.
  • All schools will be connected to the internet, either with a hardwired or WiFi system. The school website will have all class, course and school information available and allow all teachers, students and parents to access all learning materials and textbooks.
  • Only School-approved and white-listed World Wide Web websites would be accessible on school websites via a specially programmed gateway computer. Blacklisting inappropriate websites, or using word-blocking software to block unacceptable websites has proven to be impossible. Every teacher would approve appropriate websites on a regular basis and submit them to be added to the school white-list.

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