I open up my textbook when I first get out of bed,
Start studying those rules, just like my teacher said!
Recognizing bases, exponents, too.
Exponents must be positive, negatives won't do.
I've got to work these problems, I've got to find a way.
Oh, I feel frantic today!

I start to see a pattern to how these things are done.
I raise to zero power and the answer's always one.
The base just can't be zero - I must remember that.
Just three more rules to learn now and then I can relax.
I'll put it all together, I'll know it pretty soon.
Oh, I feel better at noon!

To multiply same bases, exponents I combine.
Dividing's just the opposite, but then I must decide
To subtract the smaller power, the base correctly place.
The power rule says multiply, parentheses erase.
I know I've got these rules now, I know I've got them right.
Oh, I feel lucky tonight!

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