In the future all teaching materials, textbook topics, course outlines and student grading information will be on the local School Board webserver or website where they can be constantly and instantly reviewed, revised, improved, changed and updated.

  • This will enable both teachers and students to transfer between schools without any loss of content, course continuity or preparation for tests.
  • This will enable all students in a specific course to take the same tests on the same day.
  • This will promote uniformity and allow competence ranking and comparisons between schools.
  • This will allow a smooth coverage of all classes by supply teachers.
  • This will enable every teacher to teach in any room in the school.
  • This will take most of the preparation drudgery out of the classroom and enable teachers to spend most of their time face to face helping students.
  • This will enable students and parents to view all course content, materials and classroom lessons to help parents and tutors with missed-work make-up due to absences.
  • This will minimize or eliminate the handling and mailing costs of sending hard-copy progress reports and grading information to parents via snail-mail.
  • This will give all parents immediate access to the marks and standing of their own student via the school website on the school internet server. Teachers will input the scheduled dates of tests and the results of all student tests and assignments. The school office will add the dates of all lates and absences, and the reasons for all lates and absences, whether students provided notes, plus student disciplinary meetings with teachers and administration and the results of such meetings.

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